• Are you a Fitness Freak?

    Whether you think so or not, I can help you let your inner fitness freak out!  Your journey begins here.  Connect with me to ask any questions you have about fitness, health, personal training, yoga or lifestyle coaching.  Together we can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

    Are you a Fitness Freak?
  • Never Stop Pushing

    Welcome!   You’ve taken the first step on your journey to living your BEST LIFE just by visiting. I’m so proud to have been helping Inner Fitness Freaks Out since 2006.   I’d love to meet, chat, text or connect in any way to answer your questions about how I can help you achieve your goals.

    Never Stop Pushing
  • Welcome

    Whether you are looking to lose weight, put on muscle, take your power to the next level, improve your sport performance or increase your flexibility, I can help you discover your path.  Let me be the guide as you chisel your own “Best Life” rock!

  • Welcome

    “Fitness is a Journey, not a destination”.  I am amazed every day at how great it feels to work hard and see results.  There are also days I’m overwhelmed at how much effort it can take to work hard and see results!  I get it.  I’m here to help you get it too.


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"This is not about a quick fix, it's a life style change, you need to be realistic and open-minded in both your goals and what you need in a trainer. My wife and I interviewed 5 different trainers with 5 different approaches. Fitness Freaks met our exact needs and had the right tools to support our needs. I can't thank Tracy enough for helping and teaching me to have a healthier life style. The worse part of it all was having to buy an entire new wardrobe, only my socks still fit!"  –Peter Prive

"It is hard to find the words to explain what you have done for me!! When I first called I had just had my 3rd little one 8 wks earlier, was overweight, tired and had no sense of a me thing. Now I am proud to say and thanks to you, I am a runner and a skinny mama. Thanks to your program I felt comfortable, confident and wanted to over achieve on your expectations! You were not only my trainer who could easily kick my butt up hills (and loved to) you were also my running buddy who despite when you made me sprint to phone poles we could have a great chat. Thanks again Tracey and I have to recommend you to everyone I can and can't wait to set my next goal with you soon!"–Tamara Robson

"Tracy is a trainer that works you not only physically but mentally as well! As an obese person who finally decided to take the plunge (after 40+ years) and invest in myself, she has been a godsend! She has trained and guided me physically, mentally and nutritionally. She has given me the tools I needed to take the next steps to a new and improved me. She has supported and encouraged me during my ups and my downs. She motivates me to do my best. Thanks so much Tracy. I am looking forward to another year with a lot more accomplishments!"–Karen Dargent

From the moment that I met Tracy, I knew that she was going to change my life! It started with my on-line search for a personal trainer and I came across Tracy’s website. A couple of friends joined with me to start on a personal training journey. That was back in April 2010. I now actually look forward to working out, am running again and I jump out of bed MOST Saturday mornings to attend Fit Camp. Thanks Tracy for being such a significant part of my fitness life.–Janet H.

Tracy has this great ability to motivate you without intimidating you. It's obvious that she's constantly looking for ways to make each workout better and more effective for us. Even after a year of training with Tracy, there are new ways to challenge my body in every class. Most importantly, Tracy's cheerful, unpretentious attitude creates a great vibe for the classes and you'll soon find yourself adopting a better attitude about getting stronger, being healthier and more fit!–Sharon V.

I’ve tried two other trainers in the past, and none were comparable to the awesome workout that Tracy gives! I’ve been training with Tracy for almost a year now, and the results are incredible. Her personalized workouts are like nothing I’ve ever tried before; I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking for amazing results!–Peggy M.

If you are looking for a personal trainer or for a great bootcamp class then look no further. I have worked with Tracy one-on-one and attended her group sessions. I guarantee that she will give you a great work out regardless of your level – whether you are just starting out or have been working out forever. She’s a great motivator and is a great partner to help you achieve your goals. This has been the best financial and personal investment I have ever made. Thank-you Tracy! You ROCK!–Pam P.

I've been going to Tracy's Fit Camp classes for 3 years. She really does kick up the intensity which is what I need. There's a great variety of cardio and strength exercises and Tracy does a great job of pushing yu to work hard. I think the highest reinging endorsement I can give is that this is the only class I've been able to get my husband to come to and stick to –Minette P.