21 Days Later

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so here we are! The summer solstice occurred this morning and WOW, what a glorious day to mark the first day of summer. As promised, I”m back to report on my progress restoring my “good habit” of drinking green tea without a bunch of treats at night.
It wasn’t easy and I definitely am not 100% there, but I”m back to 4 out of 5 nights just having my tea. I still am enjoying the occasional tea biscuit or piece of dark chocolate, but I think I’m back under control – thanks in part to being so busy at night I almost don’t have time to sit down.
With summer here and the temps warming up, I wanted to share some tips for exercising in the summer
1. Stay cool by stripping down. Just like in cold weather, layering is important for summer workouts outdoors. It doesn’t take long to get warm so make sure layers are thin and easily carried if you are on the go. Also, the layer closest to your skin is a ‘wicking’ material that can pull sweat away from your body to the outside of the fabric, to evaporate.
2. Beat the heat. As hard as it is, try to get up and do your workout first thing in the morning. With the sun rising before 5am, it just may be the only time of day that is cool enough to actually enjoy your workout. Often it doesn’t cool off in the evening and can actually get warmer in the last few hours of the daylight, so don’t count on evening time to be the coolest time to workout.
3. Hydrate! 2 litres per day on average just to get you through the day. But be sure to add 1 cup of water for every 15-30 minutes of exercise during your workout. If it’s windy out, your sweat can be evaporating off of you before you realize that you are dehydrating. Did you know that yawning is one of the first signs of dehydration?
4. Protect your skin, especially the top of your head. Whether or not you’re a believer in sunscreen or prefer to use protective clothing, the top of the head and tips of the ears are very susceptible to burning. Throw on a light weight hat (like the kind you buy at the running store) and keep a bucket with some cold water nearby if you are just working out at home outdoors. Squeeze some cool water over your hat to keep your temp down and protect that “part” at the same time!. Throw on some wraparound sunglasses to make sure those nasty UV rays aren’t sneaking in to the corners of your eyes
5. Don’t be tempted to skip your athletic shoes. Though the feet get hot hot hot, it’s so important to keep that base of support protected. Find ways to keep cool by loosening your shoes slightly, switching to extra thin, or no socks at all, but please don’t workout in flip flops or sandals!
I hope the tips above are not just wishful thinking and we actually do get a chance to use them this summer! Here’s hoping for sunny days and warm weather!

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