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What Happened to 2012? It went by so fast, don’t you think? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were setting out our goals, eager to get going on having our BEST year yet? 

Did you? I hope so! I definitely didn’t achieve all my goals for 2012, but I did focus very specifically on using my 2012 WORD all year long, and it absolutely made a difference in my life and helped me create and carve a theme. I truly believe that by keeping that word as my focus, I had the best Holiday season ever this year :).

As you look ahead to 2013, try not to get overwhelmed. Try to be more realistic than you were last year. Try to set yourself up for success. The other day, I shared a post from elephant journal that had some great tips on getting more out of your relationships and asking your partner “How Can I love you better” (such a simple, yet powerful question). A friend of mind Chiemi Rajamahendran pointed out that an even more powerful version would be to ask YOURSELF that question.

Using that as a starting point, I suggest setting out your goals and resolutions, and hopes and promises and….whatever you want to call them, by always making sure they serve to LOVE YOURSELF BETTER. What’s the point of becoming the next CEO of your company if it means you won’t ever see your family due to the travel? Why set out a 10km race goal of 40 minutes if it means you know you will hurt your knees and be sidelined for months? Make sure your goals for 2013 line up with your heart, your body and soul.

I wish EVERY one of my fans a Very Happy SAFE New Years Eve and I truly hope in some way, I can be part of helping you achieve your dreams in 2013!

PS  – I seem to have really neglected my BLOG in 2012, as I was more focused on my Facebook Page.  I hope all of you reading this, are fans there!

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