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Yes, its that day of the year. The one where we set all our best intentions for the upcoming 365 days to achieve all our hopes and dreams! Yes, I’ve been a naysayer of new years’ resolutions in the past (you may recall my “New Years Revolution” blog last year).

This year I want you to think a little differently. In the world of life and lifetstyle coaching, a LOT of emphasis is given to our language and how we speak to the world, about the world and about ourselves. Positive self talk and creating the environment in which you exist through your language has a profound and proven impact on how we see ourselves on a daily basis and how we actually experience life. Two people in the exact same circumstances can have vastly different perspectives based solely on the language they CHOOSE to use to describe those circumstances and their place within it.
Okay, so how does this impact New Years Day? There is a movement towards choosing a “word” or “words” to guide you through the upcoming year, rather than a laundry list of ‘to do’ items which you will likely achieve one or two (and sadly, most won’t even get that far). Why not focus on seeing your world through different eyes and different words this year?
Here’s a little help to get you started.
Tips for Choosing Your Word
Want to set an intention for 2012 by choosing a word? Follow these steps to hone in on the right word:
1. Visualize 2012. What are three images that pop into your head?
2. What are five words that you hope will describe your 2012?
3. Consider your images and words. Meditate on what really touches you and that you most want out of 2012.
4. Focus in on your word. Capture it in a journal or your mind so that you have made a conscious commitment to the intention and then let it go and see where it guides you.
5. Commit to your word. Post is around you; get used to using it; call on it in the situations where it would most apply to helping you make the changes you want to see in your life
I personally have not taken the “word” approach in the past. I am excited to embark on this new vision for 2012. While I won’t be sharing my personal word with anyone except my husband, I am already finding myself using it to guide my actions, decisions and responses…and it’s only 6pm on January 1!
So, grab a journal and a dictionary and Happy Hunting for that word!
Many blessings for 2012

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