Fitness Freaks Summer 2011 Challenge – Week 2!

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I hope you all had a Fantastic Canada Day. I hope you celebrated in style and remembered how lucky you are to be Canadian! I myself enjoyed a beautiful lakeside run, but also had lots of great food including a community pancake breakfast and a great barbeque at night! Celebrations are always a time when it’s so hard to manage what we eat, don’t you think? After a long week-end of sun and fun, I’m guessing that more than just me and my family need to get back into our healthy eating habits.
So, this week’s challeng is all about showing your true colors! (In your diet, that is).
Week 2 Challenge (2 parts):
1. Eat 5 different colors of fruit and Vegetables every day
2. Eat 5 servings (1/2 cup raw or cooked, 2 cups leafy greens) of vegetables every day
Send me the number of days you achieved Challenge #1 and challenge #2 and receive the same number of entries into the grand prize!
Here are some tips on getting those colorful fruits and veggies in:
1. Buy a pre-made veggie platter and leave it on your counter while you prepare meals.
2. Wash, cut and bag a serving size of veggies into 5 baggies (assorted peppers, carrots and cucumbers for example). Throw one in each day’s snack pile
3. Keep fruit (already washed) on the counter in a bowl. You are many times more likely to grab it if you see it!
4. Toss spinich in everything from pasta sauces to eggs to your sandwich (instead of lettuce)
5. Keep pre-washed spinich and leafy greens ready to grab to throw into a bowl with a little oil and vinegar before every dinner you eat at home.
6. Buy frozen berries in the freezer aisl (psss, they are usually more nutrient rich than the ones that have been sitting for 4 days in your fridge). Throw them on top of yogurt or cereal. Better yet, throw them in a bowl and CRUNCH on them at night instead of chips or popcorn.
It doesn’t take long to add up. Good Luck! :)

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