ABsolutely fABulous Core

Do your ABs feel fAB, or just a little bit flAB?

Do you consider yourself someone with “No Core”?

Have you had 1+ Children and wonder why your Pelvic Floor doesn’t work quite as well as it used to?

Have you always wondered how to fix your back pain?

Do you wish you could develop those “6 pack abs” ?

My 8 week ABsolutely fABulous Progressive Core Training/Re-training Program is designed for you!

1. Improve your core strength and connection
2. Improve low back pain (or better yet – prevent it!)
3. Improve how your abs look and function
4. Improve your posture

Do you want to be ABSolutely fABulous?

All registered participants will receive
* 8 coached progressive core conditioning sessions (30 minutes)
* Handouts and homework guaranteed to make the difference
* A new “toy” to help make sure you can complete the program and continue to improve your core far into the future
* An ABSolutely fABulous time!

Class Dates, Times and Locations