September FIT-Tensive is BAACCCKKK!


Don’t let the past 8 weeks of summer fun derail you into hibernation this fall.  Come out and kick start your fall with a group of dedicated, like minded, focused women!


What will you do?

1.  YOU committ to every possible workout you can in the Month of September. (you have lots of choices – there are 18 days of workouts available!)

2.  YOU log your food and stay committed to the goals and challenges you commit to on Day 1

3.  YOU don’t give up for the entire month!


What will I do?

1.  I provide all workouts here in the Studio at a variety of times

2.  I take your measurements, faciliate the FB support group, and hold you to your goal!


What will you get?


2.  2 Take Home workouts complete with descriptions and notes

3. Tracy’s Smoothie Recipe Compilation

4.  The foundation to set yourself up with new, healthy habits!

5. Annaliisa’s Organic Kitchen’s “30 Day Salad Challenge e-Cookbook ” (optional – contact Tracy for discount on your registration if you already own this)


Class Time Options (come to as many as you like) – all are 45 minutes long,

Mondays:      6:15am, 9:15am

Wednesdays  6:15am

Thursdays     6:15am

Fridays         6:15am, 9:15am

Saturdays     8:15am

  • Classes begin September 1st.  Please note the following cancellations:

Saturday Sept 3rd 8:15am

Monday Sept. 5th, all classes (happy Labour Day)

Friday Sept. 9th 6:15am,9:15am

Friday Sept. 16th 9:15am

Saturday Sept. 17  8:15am

Friday Sept. 23rd 9:15am

Saturday Sept. 24th 8:15am



Why Bother?

1.  Committing as part of a “group” is proven to drive results

2.  Paying and registering for a committed timeframe is proven to get you to show up

3.  Measuring your progress is motivating!


Your Investment?


** Remember – you get unlimited workouts (18 days you could attend!) plus the TWO Take Home workouts (Valued at $10 each), measurements, the smoothie recipe book, private Facebook support group, salad challenge book – but mostly, you get a committed program!





Is my registration transferrable?

Yes, but only until September 15.  email if you need to transfer your registration to another person.  A $20 Administration fee will apply (paid by new participant)


What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be provided after September 2, 2016.  If you have to quit attending prior to September 15, the pro-rated value of your registration may be applied to future classes, less a $20 Administration fee.  If you have to quit attending After September 15, but before the challenge ends, no future value will be extended


What if I’m not fit enough?

No such thing!  That’s like the inflexible person saying they are too inflexible for yoga!  I am here to GET you in shape – no matter what your starting point is.  One of the most commen pieces of feedback you will hear about me is that I can adapt to any fitness level, and a variety of them within one group!


What if I don’t want to weigh in/ have measurements/track food?

All trainers know that the key to success long term, is a commitment to what goes IN your body, combined with how much you WORK your mind and body, and keeping track of your SUCCESS for long term motivation.  That’s why I recommend all these tasks.  That said, I get it.  Many women have complicated relationships with the scale, their body, their food, etc.  I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anxious.  Talk to me about what stuff is making you “balk” and let’s see if we can figure out a way to make it work for you.


What will the workouts be like?

The workouts will be a variety of training styles, with a lot of focus on H.I.I.T  (high intensity interval training) and lots of Core work.  Typically the same workouts will be offered morning and evening, but change day to day.  Fridays will be specifically devoted to TABATA training.

I have a strained wrist/knee/ankle…..etc…Can I still take part?

That’s up to you and your health care provider.  If you still feel like you can get the majority of the work done, while compensating for your injury, then please feel free.  While I can provide some modifications for injuries, I cannot spend the whole workout changing each exercise for one individual, so make sure you test out three to four exercises with your injured body part before signing up, to see how it feels (EG, do lunges, squats and burpees to test out ankles, knees and hips.  Do pushups, rows and shoulder presses, to test out wrists, elbows and shoulders )


I need more support!

Perfect!  We will be creating a Private FB Group Page for this group, where we can share recipes, discuss setbacks, whine about sore quads :)  etc.  NO requirement to use it, but if it helps, it will be there, and so will I.