Original Fit Camp

Fit Camp for All

Fitness Freaks’ Fit Camp puts the fun back into Fitness Bootcamp style classes.  Participants have the option of coming to several different classes each week, through our Punch Card System – the ultimate in Flexibility.

I want you to feel like you rocked the class, and nothing makes me happier than to leave every person in every class feeling “sweaty and satisfied”.  Yes, we go outdoors rain or shine for some locations.  Yes, I expect you to work your hardest.  No, you don’t have to be super fit or even really fit, or even kinda fit.  You just need to come out and try your best.

I offer a variety of levels and intensities in every class to make sure YOU get the workout you paid for.  Every single class is different.  Every single class is fun.  Every single class will make you fitter, faster and stronger as we focus on strength, agility, cardio and core work.

If you are looking for more results and slightly more intensity, our early morning REGISTERED Fit Camp asks for your commitment and provides a moderate – high intensity class for those who are ready to commit!

At Fitness Freaks, your first FIT CAMP class is free.  Email tracy@fitnessfreaks.ca to let me know you are coming and please arrive 5 minutes early to complete a quick health questionnaire at your first class.


First Class is FREE

After that:

Drop in:  $15 Cash only

Punch card:   10 classes/ $100   or 5 Classes/$60  NO GST!

IMPORTANT:  All inactive (not used for 4+ weeks) punch cards will expire 6 months from last use. Contact Tracy if you need an extension due to extenuating circumstances such as surgery, prolonged illness or extended travel.


2017 Schedule until end of July 

Friday Classes are at 9:15am except

No Class Good Friday, Friday May 19 or, Friday June 30

July Classes move to 8:30am

 Monday Classes are every week @9:15am except:

No Class  Easter Monday, Victoria Day or Canada Day Long Week-End

July Classes move to 8:30am


* All classes at 5648 125a Street unless otherwise noted.





Being a beginner to Fit Camp, Tracy has showed great patience and support in providing me with modified moves to get the most out of my workout and recognizes when I can advance to more challenging excersises/weights. She's taught me to embrace my sweat and enjoy my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Giving Tracy that extra two push ups, squats or crunches doesn't seem so hard when you know she's there taking the time to encourage you. Her wealth of knowledge on fitness/dietary/body 'n' mind is such an asset to draw upon. I love that day after burn in your muscles it's like a Thank you note from your body. Loving the changes I am experiencing in my body and endurance. –Celeste N.

Tracy has a warm and spontaneous personality that makes workouts fun. She offers consistent and positive feedback; encouraging and challenging each individual to reach their full potential. My fitness level has increased dramatically; I am stronger and healthier as a result of her training. Thank you Tracy!–Lori B.

I have been working out with Tracy in some capacity for a little over three years.  I have regularly attended bootcamp, done periods of personal training and also participated in some postnatal classes.  I have NEVER been bored!  Tracy always has a new workout which keeps things interesting.  I always leave feeling more motivated to work harder, faster, stronger.  Somehow, Tracy convinces me that I am capable of being that leaner, faster, stronger version of myself that I aspire to be.  She's enthusiastic and tough without needing to resort to that "Drill Sargent" persona.  As a busy, working mom of two small children,  I have come to love my time spent as a "Fitness Freak" and plan to continue making it a part of my week for years to come!–Sharon V.

Tracy's outdoor boot camp is fantastic   Her knowledge of fitness, variety of workouts, and energy are inspiring. I have done many classes over the years and hers is one of the best.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone looking to get fit or to take their fitness to the next level –Sheryl M.