Personal Training

Why Choose Fitness Freaks To Join You On Your Journey?

I have the unique background as a Personal Trainer to have lived through years of battling with fluctuating weight, yo-yo and fad diets, and a lack of movement.  I actually KNOW what it feels like to feel “less” than I know I am meant to be.

After years of learning both from the courses/certifications I’ve taken AND the life journey I’ve been down, I believe I can help anyone find their inner Fitness Freak.

I’ve lost 50 pounds as an awkward teenager.  I’ve gained and lost weight through jobs that required me to travel and eat out a lot.  I’ve gained and lost the weight of two pregnancies.  I’ve rehabilitated, and re-trained from several injuries.

With almost 10 years experience as a professional, and just as many since I “figured it out”, I can help you find and live your best life.  Let MY knowledge, experience and training in weight loss, exercise and coaching help YOU!

Let’s Talk

You are looking for an energetic, supportive, friendly but tough motivator.  I am looking for clients who are ready to commit, hear the truth and stand up to anything that stands in their way.  Maybe we should meet?

My Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Strength Building
  • Functional Fitness Training (Strength for day to day life)
  • Permanent Weight and Fat Loss
  • Core Training/Re-training
  • Prenatal /Postnatal Personal Training
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Post-Rehab Training

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What’s Your Investment

What’s the one thing you wear every day?  Your BODY!  Some of us are quick to pay $100-$200 for a new pair of jeans, a haircut or a trip to the nail salon to make ourselves feel and look better, but what about your Body?  Of course I love clothes and pedicures too, but I know that investing in my body will provide me with the greatest value, the longest enjoyment and satisfaction and help me live my Best Life every day better than any pair of jeans.  This year, consider investing in your health and fitness and see what Return you will get!​

Touch Base
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Jump Start
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Taking Off
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Making a Change
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New Me
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Personal Training Session(s) A la Carte Three Sessions
Health Coaching Not Included Included
Fit Camp Not Included One Free Classes
Unlimited Text/Email Support
Health Assessment If Requested as one session If Requested as one session
*Note *applicable taxes will be added. Additional fees may apply depending on location choice *applicable taxes will be added. Additional fees may apply depending on location choice
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* All Personal Training Sessions have  ‘ no expiry’; however, sessions purchased but unused 6 months from purchase date will be subject to any changes in pricing and/or length in accordance with current pricing and session lengths at that date.  Currently all sessions are 45 minutes.