Summer 2011 Fitness Challenge Week #1

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Hi Everyone
Welcome to the Summer Challenge. A new challenge every week until July 29th, with lots of chances to enter our contest to win the fitness prize pack. This week’s challenge will focus on getting your heart rate up and using your whole body!
So, let your inner fitness freak out and complete the following. Post your results on the facebook page or email to get your contest entries. Every day you do it, is an entry (so just post at the end of the week as to how many days you completed it!)
1. Warmup with 3-5 minutes of walking, jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, dancing…whatever gets your heart pumping
2. Complete as many pushups as you can in 1 minute (knees or toes is fine)
3. Complete 1 minute of jumping jacks
4. Complete 1 minute of squats with knee raise, alternating side to side
5 Complete 1 minute of running/stepping on a stair or step 8-12 inches high, leading with your right leg, then the same with your left leg
6. Complete 1 minute of Bicycle crunches.
That’s a total of 10-11 minutes! Choose a time each day to do it, making sure to have about 24 hours rest in between workouts.
Here’s a look at the strength exercises if you prefer a visual description :)

Happy Canada Day!

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